Cuts to Refugee Care

i spoke at a rally protesting the Federal Governments cuts to Refugee Care today. I enclose my speaking notes.  The grammar may be poor, but it’s how I speak

I have very mixed emotions being here today. First and foremost, I am very proud.
I’m proud of all of you.
I’m so proud to be here with so many doctors and nurses.
I’m especially proud of the students here today.
I’m delighted to see so many health providers and advocates standing up for what is right.
So many colleagues are here today –all trying to do the right thing and help out those who need help.
That’s why I became a doctor. To help people
That’s my first emotion PRIDE
But I said I had mixed emotions.
I’m also frustrated and upset that we have to be here at all today. We shouldn’t have to be.
We should already have settled this mess long ago. We should be giving refugees the care that they need

I’m reminded of a very famous bank robber. He was asked why he robbed banks. You all know his answer. “That’s where they keep the money”.
Why should we provide care to Refugees? Because they need it.
They are a very vulnerable group.
They are at high risk for physical and mental health problemS.
They are also our neighbours, our friends, our families
They are not going anywhere. They are here to stay.
It makes no sense to delay treatment or defer prevention.
In the end it will be more expensive and less humane.
We will all suffer by failing to provide necessary care now.
We are better than this. We’ve already hinted at our generosity by bringing refugees into this great country. BUT
If we are going to do it, let’s do it right.
Let’s give people the care they need to flourish
Let’s fulfill our promises.

Scott Douglas Wooder, MD


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