Health Cuts: Make Them Pay at the Ballot Box

Kathleen Wynne and Eric Hoskins have cut fees to physicians yet again. There is no current agreement between Ontario’s Doctors and the Government. The Wynne Government has unilaterally decided what they want to pay doctors and have abandoned all pretence at negotiations.  They are openly showing their contempt for doctors and fair bargaining.

And doctors have no recourse. We cannot ‘strike’ and we will not withhold medically necessary services. We could work to rule but so far most of us have no appetite for using our patients as pawns in a political power play.

Rather than respect this principled approach to putting our patients first, Premier Wynne and Minister Hoskins are taking advantage of us. For them it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. They face no repercussions as our patients continue to receive the best care that can be provided in the current ‘system’.

Other essential service providers fight much nastier. Teachers work to rule and have an escalating plan of job action. Homecare nurses staged a strike. Ironically Minister Hoskins begged them publicly to go to binding arbitration to settle their dispute. He has repeatedly rejected binding arbitration for Ontario Doctors. By the way, binding arbitration is available to doctors in almost every other province in Canada.

The Premier and the Minster have us down and are kicking us again and again.

Politicians seem to respect strength, not dedication. If we could make them pay, if we could put our patients at risk, they would be reasonable. But, our own professionalism is being used against us.

The OMA can and should continue to pursue a binding dispute resolution process. Ontario Doctors, supported unanimously by our colleagues at the Canadian Medical Association General Council, are calling for this. We should negotiate a fair process or pursue one in the Courts.

In the meantime, we should make them pay at the ballot box. There will be no election in Ontario for four years, but there is a federal election in the next few weeks.

Premier Wynne and Minister Hoskins have made no secret of their love for Justin Trudeau. They have been traipsing around Ontario campaigning for him and his Liberal colleagues.

To be fair, Trudeau has not cut our fees. I’d be surprised if he had any insight into the dispute between doctors and the Wynne Government. But he has accepted the Wynne/Hoskins endorsements freely and enthusiastically. So he has to take the rough with the smooth.

When it comes time to cast a ballot in the federal election, remember what the Ontario Liberals are doing to our health care system and to our doctors.

Vote. Vote NDP, Vote Conservative or Vote Green but do not vote for the Wynne candidates.

Make the Liberals pay where it hurts. Punch them right in the ballot box.

Scott D. Wooder, MD


15 thoughts on “Health Cuts: Make Them Pay at the Ballot Box”

  1. Excellent post. Only way to neutralize a bully is to stand up to him/her. ON Libs have gone beyond the pale in their treatment of doctors. But they are so arrogant they do not even respond to requests for information and any dissent is met with blocking, name calling or both. Hardly what I expect from an elected official and says a lot about their lack of commitment and service to the public.


  2. A good idea but haven’t Liberals already demonstrated their ability to be vindictive? Voting against Trudeau will anger them, but won’t affect them long term.

    We simply can’t suck this up and wait 4 years. Liberals will offer us a small portion of what they’ve cut and spin it as investment when up for election. Voters will eat it up and re-elect, just like they did last year.

    They have discovered our kryptonite and shown no fear in using it.

    It will take years to win binding arbitration. Damage will be substantial when (or if?!) we win the right to arbitration.

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    1. Maybe you should look at the transfers since 2003 to the Ontari-OWE Liberals. They received more than other Provinces did.
      OHP (TAX) NOT Ontario Health Premium since 2003/04 to date13.6 million Ontarians

      13.6 M X 300.00 = 4.1 billion a year X 11 = 45 BILLION 100 Million13.6 M X 600.00 = 8.2 billion a year X 11 = 92 BILLION 200 Million13.6 M X 900.00 = 12.24 billion a yea X 11 = 134 BILLION 600 Million

      Where is the money going as it certainly is not put back into healthcare?
      What did that get any Ontarian?… bought off Scandal execs.

      Corrupt and Criminal

      Love it #puncintheballotbox


  3. WE can and should do this. Using tools we know work is the only way. Would love to see an add on the tube to show how much the liberal disrespect have shown!


  4. Whoa, slow down everyone. I recognize that we are all frustrated with the lack of negotiation options available right now but let us not forget why the province is in this fiscal situation right now.

    The federal conservative party drastically reduced the transfer payments used to pay for health care, leaving the Ontario government in an impossible situation requiring big spending cuts.

    The federal conservatives do not have our best interest in mind and voting for them to spite the Ontario liberals is short sighted and won’t improve our bargaining situation in the slightest.

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    1. Please note Sarah these Wynne liberals have moved beyond the fiscal
      issues with physicians and you buying the spin re the feds to blame seems really unfortunate.


    2. Unionized teachers are more important to Wynne than physicians. She is robbing Peter to pay Paul. The Lieberals are a disaster both provincially and Federally. It’s no coincidence that Jr was a former teacher. Imagine: a former ski bum and gym teacher as the leader of this great country? Have to admit that I love the staged canoeing shots though…


    3. The assertion that Fed PC policies dictate the actions of the provincial Liberals is completely false and needs to be debunked. Our situation is a consequence of years of financial mismanagement by the provincial liberals.

      They are actually increasing healthcare expenditure by cutting payments to physicians and moving it elsewhere in the system. They can do this because we are an easy target and have no representation (the OMA is essentially non functional).

      Since just this election they have announced millions in funding for free IVF ( and CCAC (

      It is also worth noting that the Federal Conservatives are the only major party not planning on removing our ability to incorporate. That would be many times worse then the current proposed cuts.

      Physicians need to stop spreading manufactured Liberal narratives and understand that this government is a direct threat to your ability to practice medicine in this province.


  5. This is something a child would do, a classic take my bat and ball home response. The federal Liberals are running on a platform and on policies for all Canadians not just Ontario. Perhaps you folks would prefer the right wing solution which is, to quote a Republican in the US, to shrink government to the point where it can be drowned in a bathtub. Get a grip and move forward as adults.

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