Clearing the Decks

I just sent the following to the Chair of the Board of the OMA.  It is my letter of resignation.

It will come as no surprise.  It is time to move forward in a new direction.


Gail Beck, MD

Chair of the Board of Directors,

Ontario Medical Association


Dear Dr Beck

Please accept my resignation as Co-Chair of the Ontario Medical Association Negotiations Committee.

The members have clearly spoken and they have rejected the agreement that was brought forward for them to consider.

We have a difficult road forward but my resignation will make that road much clearer.

I want to thank you and all of your colleagues on the Board and indeed all the members of this Association for the kindness and courtesy that has always been shown to me.

Yours truly,



Scott Douglas Wooder, MD

cc Dr. Virginia Walley, President

cc Mr. Tom Magyarody, CEO


7 thoughts on “Clearing the Decks”

  1. Thank you Scott for recognizing the deep divisions within, and between sections, and the need to move forward. I respect your decision. As someone has already posted on Facebook, this is a “classy move”.


  2. Scott:

    Thank you so much for all you have done for the doctors of Ontario through your tireless work for us at the OMA and advocating for the interests of Ontario patients and physicians at all levels.


  3. Scott, It’s time for you to resign from the OMA Board as well.
    All the best in your future endeavours outside the OMA and I hope not with the MOHLTC


    1. I’m not a Board member. I’m not a member of Council. I hold no position. I’m an ordinary OMA member and I will stay in that capacity.
      I’m not sure what you are implying when you say hopefully not with the MOHLTC. Do you know something I don’t know?


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